.CLUB domain names now open for registration

As more and more new Top-Level Domains (nTLDs) promising to change the online “namescape” are made available for registration, we keep adding attractive extensions to your portfolio as well.

 After the recent introduction of .WEBSITE.XYZ and .SPACE, next on the list is .CLUB. 

.CLUB is a perfect domain extension for the social world we live in and is currently the 5th most popular nTLD on the web.

What is specific about .CLUB?

.CLUB was introduced officially to the public on May 7, 2014, by .Club Domains, LLC. Just a few months later, .CLUB became the first nTLD to pass the 100,000 domain threshold, and less than a year later  in April 2015, this number doubled to over 200,000.

According to nTLDstats.com, the paramount source of nTLD statistics, .CLUB is one of the top 5 most registered nTLDs and the number of websites using this extension is expected to exceed 300 000 by the end of the year:

The remarkable growth of .CLUB can be attributed to its social value and to its power to represent groups and communities that share a common interest online.

What sites is .CLUB good for?

.CLUB can be embraced by various clubs, organizations and communities wishing to extend their web presence beyond the realm of social media:

What is a Jobs Directory

What is a Jobs Directory?

A Jobs Directory is a website that provides organized information about companies open vacancies and facilitates job seekers to apply for it.

If you are good at marketing and if you know how to build complex websites, then one of the easiest ways to make money online is by developing and owning online directories.

However, even people with no technical knowledge at all can succeed with their own online directory. Our support team has worked with 2000 directory customers setting up their directory project, you can take the require help.

Can you imagine having only one domain to manage and being able to put 1000 customers on it, using identical cloned pages instead of building from scratch?

Can you imagine charging them say $100 per month per listing on your site?

Well that’s what many Jobsdirectory sites do.

Let’s start from the beginning…

What is a directory site?

Well for instance let’s say you own “jobs.newscientist .com” or something a site where job seekers can go and find some really lucrative job vacancies listings all in one place. It would be considered “directory site”.

Companies pay you a monthly fee to have a listing on your site. It could be $49. Per month, or $79 , or $99 or even $1,000 per month. Depends on who you market to and what you want to charge.

Checking out findlaw .com, or dentist .com, or realestate .com, whatever…many directory sites charge each customer over $1,000 per month depending on the niche.

Yellow book 360 charges $79. Per month, and they have thousands of listings.

ATT has a directory site, and they also charge right around $79. per month. They create hundreds of new customers every single day!

Let me break that down for you, a thousand people paying you $79 per month is $79,000.00 per month. Is almost a million dollars per year in residual income just for managing one single site!

Fact is that if you have a ranking local site, in any industry’s niche, or can build one, everybody in that niche wants and needs to be on it, and they are willing to pay you!

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Errol Chin

Video Marketing – The How To

Video Marketing – The How To

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